LISTENING TO ‘Handel’s Messiah at Massey Hall’ by William Kurelek

Toronto Savvy

KURULEKWILLIAM KURELEK had this to say about the painting:“The performance of the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir at Massey Hall does grip me.  Apart from the Hallelujah Chorus, there are several other high points in the Messiah which particularly elevate man’s spirit.  One of these, the bass aria ‘the trumpet shall sound’, makes me feel good all over.  I guess this is not only because it speaks of the Resurrection, which I personally look forward to, but also the cultural richness of the past.”

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City Bear: Identity Collection


This piece represents the strenuous impact of a bear market on an investor. There is a constant state of pessimism and pressure and the typically calm and cocky demeanour that this individual would usually have is lost during times of strife. There is a typically unauthentic facade which a person in the trading industry presents. It is only during times of desperation and neediness that the ugly truth is revealed.

This piece now belongs to a personal collection in the UK. The owner has experienced an absolute atrocity by the hands of a single man in the London banking industry, but due to the very sensitive subject matter the crime nor the victim will be mentioned. That being said she is a very strong woman and is quickly gaining fame and notoriety in London
W:55in H:60in
Materials: Newspaper, Butcherspaper, spray paint



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The Mentors of RAWART


To develop a relationship with a highly influential individual is arguably one of the most important aspects of personal development and growth. And as an artist, to have someone support you, intrigue you, and satisfy you is something not to be taken for granted.
To be a mentor to an artist means to inspire and encourage original thought. Being in a relationship where both parties have similar beliefs and motives allows for the creative imagination to flourish. Besides the chemical reaction of love and sexual transmutation there is no higher mental vibration in which novel and genius thought is provoked.


When adding sex to this relationship ideas and bonds become far richer and in turn we find ourselves influenced by these individuals long after we have parted ways. However the effect works both ways, because I am a mentor to my mentor. Without diving into the metaphysical world you must…

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Artspiration #1 – Színpompás absztrakció

Új rovatunkban ismét a művészet és a képi asszociációk kapják a főszerepet, népszerű sorozatunk, a Décollage koncepciójához hasonlóan. Itt azonban éppen a fordítottjával próbálkozunk: nem a különböző divatfotókhoz keresünk vizuális rímeket, hanem az egyes képzőművészeti alkotásokat tanulmányozva engedjük szabadon a fantáziánkat, és a formai, szín- és stílusvilág divatra való átértelmezésével próbálunk különböző összeállításokat kreálni.

Cél, hogy egy-egy művészeti alkotásból kiindulva szülessen meg néhány outfit-variáns, öltözködési inspiráció, melyeket egy képen belül jelenítünk meg. A sorozat első részében az absztrakció megszületése és kiteljesedése áll a középpontban. Az absztrakció valójában nem jelent mást, mint távolodást a valóságtól, a látványhű kifejezésmódtól. Az absztrakció alkalmazása a festészetben egy 20. század eleji „innováció”, melynek Vaszilij Kandinszkij volt az egyik legismertebb úttörője, de olyan nevek is ehhez a stílushoz köthetőek, mint Franz Marc, Paul Klee, illetve később Piet Mondrian.

Az absztrakt alkotások a színeket használták formateremtő elemként, éppen ezért nem meglepő, hogy az összeállítások kapcsán is merészebb…

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Just a Boy: Identity Collection


He is simply a young man behind a mask. He has drive and his pursuit of wealth and power is unquenchable. Had he been given the right opportunities he would have possibly found a career down a more “respectable” path, but it doesn’t matter. He is proud doing what he does. He has a brotherhood that backs him up when things get tough, and he would rather die then let one of them get hurt. He has a girl who waits for him and when he does get home he treats her well and fucks her long, and, deep, and hard. But he’s gone before she’s had enough, and that makes her love him more. He’ll always be this way; he’ll never change.
W:55inch H:65inch
Materials: Butcherspaper, newspaper, spray paint
Details: Young man with slicked back hair wearing a skull bandana.


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